Acumen Journal of Life Sciences was a promising and thoughtful bio-sciences journal edited by current MIT Technology Review publisher Jason Pontin. Eric Greenberg, founder of Scient and Viant, was publisher of the Journal. Roger Black, known for designing Rolling Stone, Esquire, Newsweek, Fast Company and Foreign Affairs, designed the magazine, and I creative directed all of the issues.


Acumen was built to explain discoveries in the life sciences — why they matter, and what their business, economic and policy implications were — to a readership of senior decision makers in business, academia, and government.


Among the highlights for me at the Journal were art directing the many talented illustrators such as Istvan Banyai, world class photojournalists such as Eric Gregorian in photoessays at Medical City Hospital in Bagdhad amidst the height of the first invasion and another, a series of intimate portraits of the US leadership on bioterrorism at USAMRIID by Karen Ballard. 


Marie Kacmarek, creative director